Maya WYSIWYG pipeline (2004/2005)

This is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) shader preview pipeline based on Nvidia’s CGFX.
This is not NVIDIA’s prebuilt CGFX plugin, it is a custom DG node (MPxHwShaderNode) which uses the CG library.

Here are some features:

1. Tightly coupled to the internal art pipeline.
2. Multithreaded Texture compression panel (set and preview DXT compression settings on the fly, and preview in the maya modeling viewport)
3. Custom MPxSurfaceShape DG node for high quality binormal/tangent generation and billboard previews.
4. Shader Types include Terrain Blending, Water/Liquid, Anisotropic, MultiChannel (DiffuseMap, Bump Or Normal Map, GlossMap)