If you can tolerate some repetiveness, bad lyrics and sometimes bad timing, then here is some of the music I do. I wish I had more time to spend on it. Crunching in the games industry sucks up all my time. Most of the items here are more like song fragments or sketches (Again, due to lack of time), or you could just consider it practice. The average length of time spent working on each piece is probably around 4-8 hours, from initial composition to mixing. The repetitiveness comes in because of good ol copy and paste. The bad timing because I don’t practice enough. And the bad lyrics, well, I’m not a poet, and I certainly know it (I usually spend about 1 or 2 minutes on the lyrics). And the singing, uggh – Good thing I have a day job ;> Seriously though, If I spent more time on it I’m sure I could come up with something half decent. As a general rule I do not used canned loops, though there are a few exceptions. And yes, I really do go a year or two between writing song fragments (you can tell;>). My new years resolution for 2010 is to spend some more time on da music. I am guessing a well done single song will probably take on the order of 100hrs of work. Maybe I will actually get a full song out this year.All music here (unless otherwise noted) is copyright 1991-2010 Michael T.Mayers (and friends).This material has not been mastered properly. For best results listen to it on some nice bassy headphones with a nice headphone amp. (Like which I engineered it on) sony mdr 7506′s (They make a huge difference)