This is an ambient collage made from some recordings at our party in 2003 and some random older material. It brings new meaning to the term 'mashup'. I will warn you in advance, it is 15 minutes long and it goes all over the place. Much of it is random, but it gets surprisingly cohesive in a few spots and somehow a progression emerged. Collage is fun, for 12 hours of arranging and mixing I get 15 minutes of music (if you can call it music ;>). It started out as an exercise in dense arranging and mixing. How many layers can you cram in and still have enough clarity to make out the pieces? Because of the mix density, a nice set of headphones are recommended for hearing all the details. I have a ton of old DATS to go thru, I think I will to do another.. I am a little at odds between the heavier effected version and the cleaner version, so I put both up.

WTF Clean

WTF Dirty

  • Copyright 2010 TweakoZ And Friends
  • Recording/Arranging/Mixing/Bass/Keyboards/Engineering – Michael T. Mayers
  • Vocals- Spookus Dotticus And The Wolf
  • Guitar- Michael Ulrick
  • Ambience- The Party Goers