Here are some of the shaders I have worked on in the past.
In some cases I will show programmer art, as the point is to showcase the shader and not the specific model

There are some new shaders coming soon.
I have to wait until our last game (GravJet Racing) passes XBLA cert. As soon as it does, I can put them up.. Stay tuned..
for now look here. I did all the shaders for that game.
I am allowed to show these privately to potential employers, if you are interested contact me at michael at

Here are some more miscellaneous shaders I have written in 2007-2009. Some of them were originally shader bugs, and I thought they looked cool, so I kept them around… The model’s shaders have In-Maya CgFx and In-Engine HLSL/CgFx versions.

  • Multilayered with normal maps
  • Octave noise
  • A few fullscreen effect shaders
    • Ghostly
    • Glow
    • Afterlife
    • Painterly

Frogman Shader (2007)
This is really a modified and abused parallax shader. The subdermal layer is created by animating the parallax depth parameter. There are also 3 normal maps, the main artist supplied normal map, and 2 detail normal maps. You can see the normal maps change strength in the video. The model and texturing was done by Kenneth Anderson at Santa Cruz Games.

Anisotropic Shaders