Being a graphics programmer, I often need to make art to test engine features, or familiarize myself with the artist’s pipeline. (Or even because it is fun)

Here is some of that art. They call it programmer art for a reason. ;>

(Jan 24, 2010) ZMan3: (ZBrush 3.5r3)

3rd attempt at using zsphere sculpt with armatures. Also used planar-cut, smooth-valence, inflat, nudge, and pinch. There are so many brushes and so little time to learn ;>. My anatomy skills leave something to be desired.

(Jan 19, 2010) ZMan3: (ZBrush 3.5r3)

2nd attempt at using zspheres. Used AUVTile UV mapping, baked normalmaps, applied a CgFX shader and Rigged/Animated it. This one is kind of demented, you have been warned. I keep hearing it looks like Silent Hill. I have never played it. I was going for more twisted than you would find in a commercially available game. I guess I will have to try harder.

Here is ZMan2 looking a little more business like. (Playing with polypaint)